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Shipping Policy:

The promised date for completion of this order or shipment is made with the best intentions, but delivery of all orders accepted are subject to strikes, lockouts, fires, floods, accidents, and all other causes unavoidable or beyond Seller's control. Seller is not responsible for delays or damages to goods in transit, since delivery by carrier is for the account of the customer.

Orders and Returns

Seller warrants only that the goods sold shall be in accordance with the description thereof.  Seller shall not in any event be liable for breach of warranty in any amount exceeding the purchase price of the goods. Seller does not warrant (either expressly or by implication) the suitability of said goods for any use to which they may be put, and Seller shall not be liable for any spoilage or other injury or damage resulting from the use of said goods or anything placed or packed therein, thereon, or therewith. Notice of shortages or failure of goods to meet specifications must be furnished within 15 days after receipt of goods.

Return of Goods - Credit or replacement may be allowed for goods returned with prior approval. A deduction may be made from credits issued to cover cost of handling.