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FOD-40 Fiber Optic Drop Splice Protection Repair Kit

Manufacturer: Uraseal

About Product

We have exciting news!       

Our FOD-40 fiber optic splice kit has had a facelift.  The improved FOD-40 performs the same permanent splice and sealing function as the original.  It can now accommodate a variety of cables including flat and round up to ½” in diameter for all service providers and accepts both fusion and mechanical splices.  We have also added features which make the closure more user friendly for the installer.

The Shake N’Seal FOD-40™ Kits are specifically designed for fiber applications. Uraseal’s FOD-40™ closure protects splices from moisture and helps to eliminate cable deterioration and other related problems that can lead to signal loss and cable failure. Uraseal’s Shake N’Seal technology is ideally suited for direct burial applications or equivalent by providing a permanent water tight seal. The kit creates a permanent seal around the splice and  cable. The kit can be used for adding a length of cable to a run or building a branch splice. RUS Listed

Kit comes complete with base, clear cover, tube of encapsulant, manipulation stick, 4 cable ties, 2 4" foam blocks, foam wrap, emery paper.

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